3D Scanning and Digitisation Service



We offer professional 3D scanning and digitisation services for clients to capture their object accurately for later use. This service is suitable for repairing broken parts, editing models, replica production or even intellectual property ownership proof.

*The probing accuracy of our scanner is certified according to ISO 10360-12 as standard, and with full scanning system accuracy certified according to ISO 10360-8 Annex D. 

Order Process


1. Make an Enquiry via WhatsApp/ Bring the Object to our Store

Send us some photos of the object and let us know about the object’s dimension, or you can simply bring the object to our store.

Scannable object size ranges:

- Within 250*250*250 mm

- Within 500*500×500 mm

- Within 1000*1000*1000 mm

- Over 1000mm

2. Select the Scanning Accuracy

Scanning accuracy classes:

- Mild (0.05 - 0.1 mm)

- Good (0.025 - 0.05 mm)

- Great (0.016 - 0.025 mm) (The Finest Accuracy)

3. Get Instant Quote

We will provide you with a quote once the service requirements are confirmed. 

Service price is determined based on the size of the object and the accuracy you requested. 

4. Confirmation & Payment

After your confirmation and payment, we will proceed with the scanning. Project lead time is about 1- 10 working days in general, depending on the quantity and object complexity. 

5. Send you the Final 3D Model File

After the scanning and simple editing, we will send you the scanned object in the STL file format. 

You are welcome to print the files at our store (additional charges apply). For more details, please refer to the 3D Printing Service Order Process and 3D Modeling Service Order Process.

Materials and Charges


  • 3D Scanning and Digitisation Service
    3D Scanning and Digitisation Service
    3D Scanning and Digitisation Service
    3D Scanning and Digitisation Service

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