3D Modeling Service



We offer 3D modeling services for clients to turn their designs and imaginations from a two-dimensional image into a printable and editable three-dimensional digital model. 

Order Process


1. Send Design Requirement & Information

Send us the design requirements, sketches, reference pictures or any information you may have via WhatsApp (9809 3648) or Email them to info@dot3dfactory.com.

2. Discuss with the Designer & Get Quote

After reviewing the information, we will arrange a meeting with you. In line with your requirements and budget, we will confirm your design and provide you with the quotation.

3. Start 3D modelling and fine-tuning

After receiving 30% - 50% of deposit payment, the designer will start the drawing. You are allowed to fine-tune 2 times for free after the completion of drawing.

4. Send you the Final 3D Model Design

Once the 3D model is confirmed, we will send you the complete file (in . stp or .iges). You are welcome to print it at our store (additional charges apply). For more details, please refer to the 3D Printing Service Order Process. 

  • 3D Modeling Service
    3D Modeling Service
    3D Modeling Service
    3D Modeling Service

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